Thursday, July 30

An explanation of the vague furniture frustration references


I know I’ve included rather vague references to some furniture issues a few times.

Remember that nice black leather couch I posted about 3+ weeks ago?
Well, it has yet to arrive!
Funnily (or not so funnily) enough, we’ve already paid for the darn thing!

I posted about the banking drama, but the couch saga has actually been going on for much longer. There was even an uptick level of my annoyance on Friday (same day as BOA), and I just didn’t have the energy to be totally irate about both issues.
It’s exhausting being angry about a lot of things!

Anyway, here’s the rundown:

We purchased the couch on July 10th—and they ran my credit card immediately.
The couch was supposed to arrive on July 18th.

Before the 18th, we received a phone call from William, the salesperson who had handled our transaction.

He apologized profusely, and explained that between when we ordered the couch on the morning of the 10th and when the order was processed, it (suddenly) went out of stock.

B and I were mildly annoyed, but we understood that we would just have to wait.
We were told it would DEFINITELY arrive back in their stockroom on the 22nd and that we would be first on the list for delivery.

When the 22nd rolled around we waited to hear from the store about scheduling a delivery.
They didn’t call.

So I called again.
A manager at the store told us that they would be back in stock shortly and they would call to schedule a delivery for the weekend.

Next day, no delivery call.
So B called.
Talked to a new manager, and heard some rather upsetting news.
He called me, and I called again.
Apparently, there was NO restock scheduled for the 22nd.

The actual re-order of the couch would not be occurring until the 30th. Since it arrives at their stockroom and is then delivered, there would also be a delay. We would probably have to wait until the following weekend to receive our couch.

I was very annoyed.

The manager I spoke to on the 22nd lied to me!

I pointed out that they had already charged my card and then acted rather dishonestly about the delivery date.

I might have used the words ‘unethical’ several times and hinted that I would be complaining.

We still do not have our couch (but guess what number I’m dialing this afternoon…!), but we did receive a refund for most of the delivery fee.

The refund paid for the air mattress and pump that we’re forcing our guests to sleep on until the sofa-bed arrives.

I felt mildly gratified that we received a partial refund..but I won’t be fully satisfied until our couch arrives in our apt in perfect condition!


Shoshana said...

May your couch come speedily and without mice. Seriously. My living room furniture, a denim covered couch/chair/ottoman set that I got through Craigslist, came with six mice, no extra charge. It took 6 people and a cat 4 months to get rid of them. Curiously, denim seems to be kitty claw proof.