Thursday, July 2

Getting settled. Very very slowly.

I think that the moving in might be almost done!
Or at least, the first part.

You know, the part where you lovingly arrange all of the knick knacks, and swear that it’s going to stay just this neat.

Actually, I’m getting ahead of myself slightly.
We just finished building our new piece of bedroom furniture last night (much love to Al & Meg for helping!).
So now I can start putting all of our non-hanging clothing away.
And by ‘our’ I clearly mean mine.
Poor B is going to get about half a drawer. We’re going to put the rest of his stuff in clear plastic drawers hidden inside a closet.
We have a plethora of closets, but not so of drawers.

Our new set of drawers looks just like this:

It’s nothing fancy, and yes it’s from IKEA..but it fits most of my clothing (and a tiny smidgen of B’s) and it matches the bed.

Once the clothing is put away, I can tackle the first part of decorating and knick knack arranging.
A few things also need to get figure out:

1. Where to hang the spice rack. Our new galley kitchen is long and narrow. If I hang it on the bare wall (facing all of the appliances) I’m worried that I’ll spend half my time trying not to knock my head into it as I cook. If I hang it on the side wall/entry to the kitchen near the fridge, that will be the first thing you see sticking out as you enter.Hmm.
2. Where do we find a rug that isn’t a billion dollars and/or hideous? Thoughts? Suggestions?
3. Must buy sleeper sofa ASAP. Ikea sleeper sofas in our price range were shlocky. Yes, that’s the technical term. Want something nice, but not expensive. We’re going to peek @ Jennifer Convertibles when we have a second. But again, other thoughts/suggestions?