Tuesday, July 7

Life in my cubicle

Sometimes I really feel like I’m working @ the set of The Office.

Today we celebrated the 60th birthday of a co-worker.

We surprised him with lunch and cake in a nearby room.

We don’t have our own conference room or break room, so they booked us time in one of the hearing rooms.
Someone hung up sad little balloons, and pictures of the birthday boy with other staff members.

One picture showed him getting a ‘lap dance’ from another woman in the office.
Apparently she just likes taking pictures that make it LOOK like she’s giving her co-workers lap dances..she doesn’t actually perform.

We didn’t invite the temporary staff members because “There wasn’t enough food.” (There was enough food. The temps now also know they were not invited because it’s all sitting in the fridge).

The birthday boy received gifts. The big gift was a stuffed giraffe. Apparently he mispronounces giraffes due to his accent, and it sounds like “Shiraffe.”
This is so funny, that we have to commemorate the occasion with a pricey doll.

Fake lap dances, mocking of co-workers, and exclusion.
Sounds like situational comedy to me!
Oy vey.