Thursday, July 2

Maybe I'm becoming a New Yorker..since I always seem to be rushing off to do something!

I realized that this has been a pretty crazy past few weeks. In the past 6 weeks:

1. I moved into the Pineapple apt with B
2. We went to Italy for a week Started a new job (OK, internship)
3. Moved out of the Pineapple apt. Goodbye 250 square feet, helllloo 1+ bedrooms.
4. Built several pieces of furniture (with help!)
5. (Hopefully fully) moved into the new apt
6. (Hopefully) figured out how to re-plug in all of the tv equipment and get our internet/cable back
7. Flown half-way across the country for a STL visit!!

--B’s god-daughter just turned 1, another set of friends just had a baby girl—welcome baby L!, and there will be BBQs and friend dates galore packed into our 3 day trip